At Sorn, only the best ingredients sourced directly from farmers and fishermen in southern Thailand are used. Each ingredient is handled with care and prepared artfully to create a culinary masterpiece. 

Sorn’s philosophy revolves around Chef Ice’s love, passion, and admiration for the art of Thai cooking. The restaurant aims to present authentic refined southern Thai cuisine in an elevated way, relying solely on the best ingredients and ancient cooking techniques that many have abandoned. Sorn’s goal is to conserve traditions while continuously improving upon. Sorn’s built on meticulous research of the lost culinary art, using charcoal, clay pots, and traditional rice-steaming methods, even though they are time-consuming. All chili paste is made in-house using local pestle and mortars, and produce is utilized optimally with minimal waste. Sorn’s ethos, dedication to community and goals align with its namesake, which means- a person who relies on their own abilities to achieve success and prosperity to share with others.